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Beavercreek Snapshot: Tara Lake

This edition of Beavercreek Snapshot features Tara Lake. Tara Lake is a private lake in the Tara neighboorhood of homes within the City of Beavercreek. The Tara Lake Association was founded in 1985.

Photo © Craig Barhorst

Damaged Wall Being Repaired

Repairs are underway on the wall near the post office that was damaged when a delivery van driver lost consciousness and crashed into the wall.


Photo © Craig Barhorst

Beavercreek YMCA Working to Improve Entrance

The Beavercreek YMCA is working to improve the entrance to the facility. Construction has started on improvements that should be finished in a little over the month.

Beavercreek YMCA entrance under construction. Photo © Craig Barhorst

Photos of the New Soin Medical Center

A hospital guest views the painting of Indu and Raj Soin in the lobby. Photo © Craig Barhorst

The new Soin Medical Center held an open house event on February 19th, 2012. According to a source at the hospital, over 4,500 people came out to see the new hospital. These are some photos taken during one of the tours. > Read More

Work Progressing on Fire Station Renovations

Work is progressing on renovations for Fire Station 62 on 3777 Dayton-Xenia Road. The renovations are designed to bring the station up to current building codes and increase space to accommodate additional firefighters. > Read More