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March Snowfall Blankets Beavercreek

The snow held off all day, but when it arrived it came down fast. After a day of mixed weather filled with rain and sleet, a wave of snow hit in the evening hours blanketing Beavercreek and the Miami Valley. A worker at Kroger was heard to say, “I looked out and it was normal, then I looked back and it was all white!” While it didn’t come down quite that fast, it did acumulate quickly. > Read More

New Jack’s Pets Store Under Construction

A new Jack’s Pets store is being built in one of the outlots near Kroger in Beavercreek. The location was previously the site of a Pizza Hut restaurant which was demolished to make way for the new construction of the 5,000 square foot retail building on 0.712 acres. > Read More

Pole Collapse Knocks Out Power to 400

The call went in to DPL early Saturday that one of their poles was leaning and looked as if it could fall. But before workmen could get to the scene, the pole collapsed in a violent display of sparks and fire as the power lines and transformers came crashing to the ground in the Calvary Chapel of Dayton cementery.

The initial collapse knocked out power to > Read More

Beavercreek Snapshot: Beavercreek 911 Memorial

This edition of Beavercreek Snapshot features the Beavercreek 911 Memorial. The memorial prominently displays steel beams from the World Trade Center that were recovered after the buildings’ collapse. The memorial is located off Fairfield Road near the Beavercreek Station along the bike path.

Beavercreek 911 Memorial. Photo © Craig Barhorst

Beavercreek Wal-Mart Expansion Begins

The long awaited expansion of the Beavercreek Wal-Mart has begun. Portions of the left side of the building, previously the tire center, have been demolished to make way for future construction. See photos for more details.

Wal-Mart partial demolition. Photo © Craig Barhorst > Read More