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Opinion: Call for a Recreation Center is a Call for City Income Tax

Opinion: During this election cycle we’ve heard from a number of candidates who still think Beavercreek just doesn’t offer enough to it’s citizens. > Read More

Police in Beavercreek, Xenia and Surrounding Communities Should Consider Joining National Bike Registry Program

Opinion  You may have noticed we advertise for the National Bike Registry. When we added them it seemed like a perfect fit for our community with our extensive support for the bike path and bicycling in general. So imagine our surprise > Read More

For Ohio’s New Senator It Seems That No News is Good News

Opinion It’s been nearly a full four months since newly elected Ohio Senator, Sherrod Brown took office and his website’s newsroom is still blank. Why? > Read More

It’s Time We Simplified the Tax Code… Again

Guest Opinion from Ohio Senator George Voinovich    Each year, April 15, tax day, looms on the calendar as a day of reckoning. > Read More

Opinion: Was It An Earning’s Tax or an Income Tax?

Opinion  One of the funny things about all thist debate on a city income tax in Beavercreek is how supporters refuse to call it an “income tax” > Read More