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Township Budget Faces Increased Health Care Costs

Beavercreek Township trustees got some bad news regarding projected budget increases at a special meeting November 11.

HR Manager Trish Gustafson went over the proposed 2011 Budget and five year forecast for the HR Department which included a projection for healthcare cost increases of 25% in 2011 > Read More

City Council Attempts Takeover of an Outside Duty of Mayor, Former Mayor’s Wife Subject of Dust-Up at City Council

What started off as a first reading of a seemingly typical ordinance quickly turned into something else. There was some yelling, interrupting and a lot of gavel banging by Beavercreek’s new Mayor, Julie Vann, to restore order. It’s best described as more of a dust-up than a fight, but what happened to cause such a mess? > Read More

Candidate McKellar Drew Attention to City Income Tax Opposition

Election Analysis: Luke McKellar may have finished 8th in the Beavercreek City Council race held November 6, but his campaign may have confirmed that at least 28% of residents are opposed to a city income tax in Beavercreek. > Read More

Candidate Borgert Did Better Than Sitting Council Member

Election Analysis: Candidate Linda Borgert’s message seemed to resonate with voters this election day. While she didn’t win a seat on council, she did gain more votes than a sitting council member and nearly tie another. > Read More

School Bond Issue Loss Affected by Riverside, Kettering Voters

Election Analysis: Beavercreek’s School Bond Issue lost by 3.36%. Early analysis of the vote shows precincts in neighboring cities Kettering and Riverside contributed in large part to the loss. > Read More