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Letter: Beavercreek Township Employment Contracts Absurd

Letter to the Editor: As township officials prepare to examine employment contracts, one resident questions the “golden parachutes” found in some current fire department contracts and says no other surrounding community even has employment contracts for their upper level fire personnel. > Read More

Letter: Mayor Vann Overstepped Her Authority Again

Letter to the Editor: Mayor Julie Vann sending out a letter and taking action without Council’s approval sounds all too familiar to one reader who remembers a similar event that occurred 12 years ago. > Read More

Letter: Who Will Pay For School Board’s Land Purchase?

Letter to the Editor: Following the school bond issue’s failure, a reader expresses concern over what the Beavercreek School Board will do now given that they already spent $1.9 million on land called for in the bond issue. > Read More

Letter to the Editor: Bike Superbridge a Waste of Money

The 2.8 million dollar super bridge…. just another way to waste $140,000 of Beavercreek’s money that we need to keep. > Read More

Letter to the Editor: A Thank You for the Record

What a great magazine! Where have you been for so long? No matter, glad to see you now. This city has been in great need of independent reporting of issues. You are doing that, for which I thank you. > Read More