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The Atrocious 1872 Murder of John Fogwell in Beavercreek and How Early Crime Scene Investigators Sealed the Killer’s Fate

On a December day in 1871, John William Fogwell said his wedding vows to Josephine Pennewitt. Less than a year later, the 30 year old former Beavercreek Constable and Civil War soldier would be dead, falling victim to > Read More

Memorial Day Event To Be Held at Beavercreek’s Veterans Park

The park was first dedicated a little over 3 months before the tragic events of 911 in 2001. Now, each Memorial Day, it not only serves as a gathering place for remembering those who have served > Read More

One of Beavercreek’s First City Council Members is Laid to Rest

One of the first City Council members of Beavercreek, Ben Pierce, was laid to rest Monday at Valley View Memorial Gardens. Pierce died April 19, 2007 at the age of 76. Pierce was one of the first 9 elected officials to serve on > Read More

Historical Society to Present Talk on April 24 About How Ohio’s Landscape and Wildlife Have Changed Over the Years

How has the Ohio countryside changed over the past 200 years? You can find out Tuesday, April 24 at 7 pm when the Beavercreek Historical Society presents “The Landscape & Wildlife of > Read More

Ervin J. Nutter’s KBJ Kountry Korn Microwavable Popcorn

Did you know in the late 1990’s Ervin J. Nutter dabbled with the idea of selling his own brand of popcorn? Ervin J. Nutter, founder of Elano, was an entrepreneur, philanthropist, city founder > Read More