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Rick Perales Upsets Jarrod Martin in Primary for 73rd District

Former Beavercreek Mayor and Greene County Commissioner Rick Perales defeated incumbent Jarrod Martin to run on the Republican side for State Rep for the 73rd District in Ohio. In fact of the three running for the position, Martin received the least number of votes. The unofficial vote results were Rick Perales with 10,540 votes (59.85%), Jarrod B. Martin with 3397 votes (19.29%) and Eric Spicer with 3673 votes (20.86%). Perales will face off in the November general election against Bill Connor who narrowly won on the Democrat side.

School Levy Failure May Mean Cuts to Art, Music and PE

Beavercreek School’s 6.7 mill operating levy was narrowly defeated by 816 votes during this year’s March 6th primary election. The unofficial vote results were 8471 For the Levy (47.70%) and 9287 Against the Tax Levy (52.30%). > Read More

Photo Finish in Democrat Primary for State Rep for 73rd District

The Democrat primary for State Rep for the 73rd District ended in what can best be called a photo finish. Bill Connor narrowly defeated Linda Borgert by just 42 votes according to unnofficial results. Bill Conner received 2097 votes (50.51%) and Linda Borgert received 2055 votes (49.49%). For now Bill Conner will represent the Democrats in the November general election unless absentee ballots change the margin.

Jobs Won’t Return to Schools If Levy Passes

If the Beavercreek Schools 6.7 mill levy passes in March, don’t expect to see jobs returning to the schools. Beavercreek Schools announced in a press release that even if the March levy passes, only transportation will be restored. Beavercreek School officials eliminated more than 60 staff positions, 25 tutor positions as well as some transportation when the 6.7 mill levy failed in November.

During efforts to promote the Fall levy, school officials said it would allow continued funding of the schools at current levels for a period of three years. After it’s failure, the district made extensive cuts to staff. Now, four months later, school officials are using the same three year funding argument for passage of the March levy. Some are asking the question that if passage of the Fall levy would have sustained the schools for another three years, then why won’t the jobs return if it passes five months later.

School District Threatens Further Cuts if Levy Fails

Beavercreek City Schools leaders have announced $2.5 million of additional cuts that will be implemented if the district’s 6.7 mill operating levy fails March 6. District leaders will cut special education assistant positions and 3.5 more administrative positions, eliminating a total of 25 additional staff positions bringing total staff reductions to 16%. Pay to participate fees will also increase to $300 per sport for all high school students and $200 per sport for middle school students. Elementary art, music and physical education classes will be reduced by half, and the number of middle school and high school electives offered will decrease. > Read More