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Candidates Upton and Wallace Attended Earnings Tax Committee Meetings with Goal of Enacting City Income Tax in Beavercreek

Zach Upton and Debborah Wallace, two candidates for Beavercreek City Council, are listed as having attended meetings of the Beavercreek Earnings Tax Committee last year and both may have played an active role in the group’s affairs. > Read More

Beavercreek Seniors Due For Big Break on Property Taxes

Beavercreek’s senior citizens are due for a break on their property taxes. Governor Strickland recently signed legislation extending the Homestead Exemption to all Ohio senior citizens regardless of income > Read More

Beavercreek Earnings Tax Committee Lets Web Domain Expire

The Beavercreek Earnings Tax Committee may have let their web domain expire. Interested parties who go to the web domain that was advertised by the group,, now receive an error message > Read More

Xenia and Fairborn Lead County in Recent Foreclosure Sales

The cities of Xenia and Fairborn lead Greene County in the number of foreclosure sales according to the Sheriff’s Sale of Real Estate list > Read More

Alleged Back Room Meeting to Kill Earnings Tax Proposal Causes Controversy at January 22 City Council

Controversy errupted at the January 22 meeting of City Council when Council Member Broughton alleged that during a back room meeting, he was asked by Vice Mayor Leonard to put fourth the motion that killed the Earnings Tax > Read More