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Sequester Could Affect Beavercreek’s City Income Tax Vote

With the sequester going into effect, some Wright-Patt civilian employees will face a tough question on the May ballot. Will they vote themselves an income tax after recently being furloughed and losing a portion of their pay? Currently civilian employees who work at Wright-Patt and live in the city of Beavercreek pay no city income tax. A vote of “yes” on Beavercreek’s city income tax measure would change that. > Read More

City Income Tax Plan in Motion in Beavercreek

At last night’s Beavercreek City Council , City Manager Mike Cornell gave an update to City Council regarding an Earnings Tax Action Plan. Cornell reviewed the draft timeline of the earnings tax action plan and said a list of community leaders was being developed to discuss key elements and the rationale for an earnings tax.

Signs Point Toward New Push for City Income Tax

Opinion:If you thought the earnings tax idea died back in January, 2007 when it was rejected by a unanimous vote of City Council, you would be wrong. Efforts have continued behind the scenes and now signs are pointing toward a new public push for the measure.

City officials have begun a soft spoken campaign > Read More

Foreclosures Up, But Beavercreek Still Far Behind Other Cities

Overall forclosures are up in Beavercreek over last year, but Xenia and Fairborn still lead Greene County in foreclosure sales with numbers more than double those of Beavercreek according to the Sheriff’s Sale of Real Estate list. > Read More

Opinion: Call for a Recreation Center is a Call for City Income Tax

Opinion: During this election cycle we’ve heard from a number of candidates who still think Beavercreek just doesn’t offer enough to it’s citizens. > Read More