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Mayor Vann Apologizes to Council for Accidental Appointment

On March 10 Beavercreek Mayor Julie Vann publicly apologized to other members of City Council after a letter she sent to the GMHA accidentally resulted in making a permanent appointment of Nancy Hadley to the group’s board. > Read More

Ethics Opinion Says Hadley Can Vote on Wife’s Appointment

Near the end of the February 25 Beavercreek City Council meeting, Scott Hadley delivered a surprise to other council members who have publicly said his wife’s service on the GMHA Board presents a conflict of interest. > Read More

City Council Attempts Takeover of an Outside Duty of Mayor, Former Mayor’s Wife Subject of Dust-Up at City Council

What started off as a first reading of a seemingly typical ordinance quickly turned into something else. There was some yelling, interrupting and a lot of gavel banging by Beavercreek’s new Mayor, Julie Vann, to restore order. It’s best described as more of a dust-up than a fight, but what happened to cause such a mess? > Read More

Beavercreek Council’s Shadowy Meetings See Some Light

Opinion: What some have called Beavercreek City Council’s “shadowy” meetings may have been brought into the light last night. The January 28th City Council meeting saw tempers raised, some yelling and disorder. Some of it was about the issue before them, an ordinance, but it also may have been about something else… this stuff is not supposed to happen in front of the cameras. > Read More

Beavercreek Mayor Scott Hadley Delivers Outgoing Address

Mayor Scott Hadley delivered his Outgoing Mayor’s Address during the last City Council meeting of this year on December 10, 2007. Hadley will continue as a city council member for the next two years. > Read More