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City Council Approves Bee Keeping in Beavercreek

Beavercreek City Council unanimously approved bee keeping within the city limits at last night’s city council meeting. Council was voting on a zoning code ordinances that also included rules for farmer’s markets, trash cans, business district signs and more.

Dayton Woman Gives City Council an Earful

The topic was bus stops, but a Dayton woman addressing Beavercreek City Council at last night’s meeting gave members more than an earful on how she felt Beavercreek disproves the theory that wealth at the top works its way down to those at the bottom. > Read More

City Council Discussing Taking Away Invividual Choice of Trash Haulers with Expected Savings, But Will You Save?

Beavercreek City Council and City Manager Mike Cornell are continuing discussions about taking away a resident’s choice of who picks up their trash and making it a city service under contract to one waste hauler. During the discussions, there has been talk about savings, but if other cities are any example, those savings may be as little as 80 cents over three months. > Read More

City Manager to Give Construction Updates at City Meetings

At the March 24 meeting of City Council, Beavercreek City Manager Mike Cornell announced that construction updates will become a more regular part of his City Manager’s Report. > Read More

Letter: Mayor Vann Overstepped Her Authority Again

Letter to the Editor: Mayor Julie Vann sending out a letter and taking action without Council’s approval sounds all too familiar to one reader who remembers a similar event that occurred 12 years ago. > Read More