Local Fair Tax Group to Meet March 3, Discuss Election

The Beavercreek Chapter of Americans for Fair Taxation (FairTax) will be holding it’s monthly meeting on 3 March 3 at 7:00 pm at the Acropolis, 2661 Commons Blvd in Beavercreek. > Read More


Listed below are some people who have contributed articles, submitted press releases, taken notes at meetings or submitted letters to The Beavercreek Record. We are proud to offer local residents, businesses, groups and political leaders the opportunity to make submissions and thank these individuals for their contributions.

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Tony Corvo – Americans for Fair Taxation, Beavercreek Chapter
David Donofrio – James Howard Campaign
Mike Duffey – Spokesman for The Greene
Laura Erbaugh – Kiwanis Secretary
Ellen Geron – Thompson Hine LLP
Patricia Lee – Scottrade
Jarrod Martin – Beavercreek City Council
Luke McKellar – Resident
Bill Miller – Xenia City Council Member
Charlotte Panton – Beavercreek Historical Society
Bob Stone – Beavercreek Township Trustee
Flo Thompson (Letter to the Editor)
Steve Tieber – Jay Tieber Campaign
Toby Underdown (Letter to the Editor)
Julie Vann – Mayor of Beavercreek

Contributors are not paid and are not directly associated with The Beavercreek Record. Any editorial inquiries should be made to The Beavercreek Record using our online submissions page.

Note: This is a new page and the above list is still incomplete. Updates are being made daily. We are going back through the last two years of articles to add to the list above. The list will be current by February 14, 2008. Consider it our Valentine’s gift to our readers and contributors alike.

Beavercreek Fair Tax Group to Meet December 3 at Library

The Beavercreek chapter of the Americans for Fair Taxation (FairTax) will hold its monthly meeting Monday, December 3 at 6 pm in the Beavercreek Library. Interested citizens are invited to attend. The local group reflects part of the national organization’s increased efforts to organize at the local level. > Read More