Apple wants your iPhone to be able to unlock your front door

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According to today's report and analysis, Bluetooth is a device which is already in use to manage some smart locks using iPhones, NFC offers a more secure method for connections and authentication, an important consideration for companies and government agencies in particular. Swap information with a business contact, tap.

What makes Apple's approach to NFC technology unique is the fact that the sensitive data is stored directly on a chip that's isolated from the rest of the smartphone's operating system.

Reportedly, the employees of the company have already been given access to the updated feature and they are using it to unlock offices and buildings at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino. By allowing users to unlock doors and interact with vehicles, Apple could see NFC utilisation for myriad applications.

You may soon be able to unlock NFC-enabled doors using your iPhones through the iOS 12. The latter is compatible with credit card readers that also feature NFC technology, making it possible for Apple Pay to work in stores. Apple is reportedly working on giving developers access through iOS 12. This is courtesy of the recent contract that the company was awarded by the Metropolitan Transportation Agency.

The involvement of Cubit with Apple suggests that the tech giant might indeed be opening up it's NFC antenna so that developers can use the wireless network come up with creative solutions. This would allow Apple to catch up with Android smartphone manufacturers and app developers in the NFC space. Apart from releasing an assortment of updates for its devices, it took the time to update the official WWDC app for iOS as well.

Technically, product launches are not expected to be a part of the conference but Apple did launch the Home Pod and also refreshed its MacBooks during last year's event. Apart from that, rumors of multi-person augmented reality game support have been floating around and we think it would be great since iOS 11 included many revamps of many apple apps.

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