A hospital guest views the painting of Indu and Raj Soin in the lobby. Photo © Craig Barhorst

The new Soin Medical Center held an open house event on February 19th, 2012. According to a source at the hospital, over 4,500 people came out to see the new hospital. These are some photos taken during one of the tours.

The Creation Wall greets visitors as they approach the elevator. On the wall are various depictions of creation. Photo © Craig Barhorst

Hospital workers greet guests and answer questions during the hospital’s open house event Feburary 19, 2012. Photo © Craig Barhorst

One of the spacious hospital rooms on the maternity floor. Photo © Craig Barhorst

Hallway showing the contemporary style of the hospital. Photo © Craig Barhorst

Another view of one of the rooms. Photo © Craig Barhorst

One of the modern operating rooms featuring adjustable diode lights, tv screens and equipment all suspended by booms attached to the ceiling. Photo © Craig Barhorst

One of rooms in the emergency room. These rooms or bays are enclosed behind sliding glass doors. Photo © Craig Barhorst