Beavercreek City Schools leaders have announced $2.5 million of additional cuts that will be implemented if the district’s 6.7 mill operating levy fails March 6. District leaders will cut special education assistant positions and 3.5 more administrative positions, eliminating a total of 25 additional staff positions bringing total staff reductions to 16%. Pay to participate fees will also increase to $300 per sport for all high school students and $200 per sport for middle school students. Elementary art, music and physical education classes will be reduced by half, and the number of middle school and high school electives offered will decrease.

“These cuts will have a significant impact on the quality of our educational programs, but we have no other choice,” said Al Nels, president of the Beavercreek Board of Education. “We must address the district’s budget deficit, and have very few tools at our disposal to do so.”

School officials are already in the process of making $13 million in cuts, and have eliminated more than 60 staff positions to date, including 26 teaching positions, 25.25 support staff, 5.5 administrative positions, 6 bus drivers, 25 intervention tutor positions that allowed the district to offer one-on-one instruction to struggling elementary and middle school students. Transportation for all high school students and middle schoolers living within two miles of their school buildings was also cut.