This year’s primary election will not only feature a crowded slate of candidates for the Republican Presidential nomination, but also a hotly contested bid for State Representative between Jarrod Martin and Rick Perales and a crowded slate for Greene County Commissioner in the Republican slot. For a preview of the candidates on the ballot for the March 6th Primary in Greene County, see below.

Republican Candidate For President
Newt Gingrich
Jon Huntsman
Ron Paul
Rick Perry
Mitt Romney
Rick Santorum

Us Representative 10Th Congressional District
David Esrati (Dem)
Olivia Freeman (Dem)
Tom F Mcmasters (Dem)
Sharen Swartz Neuhardt (Dem)
Ryan Steele (Dem)
Mack Van Allen (Dem)
John D Anderson (Rep)
Edward Focke Breen (Rep)
Mike Turner (Rep)
David A Harlow (Lib)

Court Of Appeals Judge 2nd District
Darrell Heckman (Dem)
Carley Ingram (Dem)
Jeffrey D Welbaum (Rep)
Austin P Wildman (Rep)

For U.S. Senator (Democratic Party)
Sherrod Brown

For U.S. Senator (Republican Party)
David W Dodt
Donna K Glisman
Eric Lamont Gregory
Josh Mandel
Michael L Pryce

For Justice Of The Supreme Court
Robert W Price (Dem)
Terrence O’donnell (Rep)

For Justice Of The Supreme Court
Fanon A Rucker (Dem)
William M O’neill (Dem)
Robert R Cupp (Rep)

For Justice Of The Supreme Court
Yvette Mcgee Brown (Dem)
Sharon L Kennedy (Rep)

State Senator-10th District
Jeff D Robertson (Dem)
Chris Widener (Rep)

State Representative -73rd
Linda Borgert (Dem)
Bill Conner (Dem)
John Langenderfer (Rep)
Jarrod B Martin (Rep)
Rick Perales (Rep)
Eric Spicer (Rep)

State Representative-74th
Steve W Key Dem
Robert D Hackett Rep

Greene County Commissioner-Commencing 1-2-13
Bruce Hull Rep
Joan L Dautel Rep
Robert Glaser Rep
David L Pendry Rep
Jack Wilson Rep

Greene County Commisioner-Commencing 1-3-13
Tom Koogler Rep
Marilyn J Reid Rep
Thomas J Brooks Rep

Greene County Coroner
Kevin Sharrett Rep

Greene County Sheriff
Gene Fischer Rep

Greene County Recorder
Martin Borchers Dem
Eric C Sears Rep

Greene County Treasurer
Dick Gould Rep

Greene County Prosecuting Attorney
Stephen K Haller Rep

Greene County Engineer
Robert N Geyer Rep

Greene County Clerk Of Courts
Terri A Mazur Rep

Greene County Common Pleas Court-juvenile Div
Robert W Hutcheson Rep

State Central Committee (Male) Dem
David M Farrell
State Central Committee (Female) Dem
Nora M Parker
Connie Crockett

State Central Committee (Male) Lib
Aaron Keith Harris

State Central Committee (Male) Rep
Kevin Dewine
Michael K Boerger

State Central Committee (Female) Rep
Brenda K Lewis
Mary Ann Schmidt

Remember, if you’re registered Republican, you’ll only see Republican choices on your ballot. If you’re registered Democrat, you’ll only see Democrat choices.