Greene County Commissioners have chosen to keep the odd-even practices in place for lawn watering through 2009. “Although we have enhanced the overall water system with a number of projects this past year, we felt it was prudent and the right thing to do,” said Commissioner Rick Perales.

The County is currently at the Code Blue stage and is asking residents to practice odd-even lawn irrigation practices. Code Blue designated a moderate demand for water. The practice applies to water customers in the City of Beavercreek, Beavercreek Township, and northern Sugarcreek Township.

Last year the county had to issue a total lawn irrigation ban for a month when concerns arose that demand for water might exceed the county’s ability to provide it. If the water demand were to exceed the supply, the system could depressurize, leading to a boil water notice for everyone on the system. The county has completed a number of water improvements sinc ethen and is continuing work on additional improvements.