The July 14th announcement by ATT that it’s new video service known as U-verse has come to the Miami Valley stirred much excitement, but many in Beavercreek may still have to wait.

ATT’s press release announcing the arrival of U-verse in the Miami Valley did list Beavercreek as one of the included cities, but as we found out, for many the service is not yet available. U-verse is ATT’s new video over ip service which promises to offer a new alternative to cable or satellite TV by delivering high quality and HD video over ATT’s vast network of fiber optic phone lines.

When we went to the company’s website to check for availability, we couldn’t find any area of Beavercreek where the service was available. We used ATT’s special web page customers use to check for U-verse availability. The page instructs users to type in a phone number. We typed in 10 different phone numbers from different parts of Beavercreek and all returned the message “At this time, AT&T U-verse service is not available for this address or phone number”.

To further confuse things, last week ATT sent out a mailer to residents in Beavercreek offering bundled phone, internet and video service that uses DISH Network for video, not U-verse. The mailer’s fine print says that the promotional prices for DISH Network service are subject to the customer terms at DISH Network’s website. Those terms include a 2 year service agreement.

    Customer pays a $49.99 Activation Fee. The $49.99 Activation Fee will be waived for a customer who agrees to a 24-month commitment. If qualifying service is terminated prior to end of 24 months, a cancellation fee equal to the lesser of $240 or $10 per month for each cancelled month of service will apply.
      — DISH Network New Customer Terms, July 2008

This could mean that ATT customers who choose ATT’s bundle with video from DISH Network may have to wait 2 years before switching to U-verse unless they are willing to pay the termination fees.

While the press release heralding the arrival of U-verse in the Miami Valley is still good news, for residents of Beavercreek it could be more accurately said that the service will probably now be available sooner rather than later.

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