Letter to the Editor: As township officials prepare to examine employment contracts, one resident questions the “golden parachutes” found in some current fire department contracts and says no other surrounding community even has employment contracts for their upper level fire personnel.

Letter to the Editor:

Beavercreek Township Employment Contracts are Absurd

I urge residents of Beavercreek to contact the Township office and request copies of the employment contracts for the fire chief and deputy fire chiefs. These contracts are absurd, unwarranted, and reflect total lack of the chief’s respect for the rank and file. These contracts, using the chief’s as an example, require the township to pay for the remainder of the term of a year contract all remaining salary PLUS ONE YEAR if they are let go without cause. Thus the chief could get as much as SIX years of pay. In addition, the township has to kick in funds to his retirement account to permit him to retire with 25 years of service. The deputy fire chiefs’ only call for three years PLUS ONE if they are let go. One of the deputy fire chiefs also has in his contract 6 MONTHS PAID MATERNITY leave!

If all three were let go in the first year of their contracts, the cost to the taxpayers would be over $1,000,000! These funds are not reflected in any way in the fire department budget. If let go, layoffs would probably have to occur, equipment not bought, and other fire department activities would also probably have to be curtailed.

Shortly the trustees will be re-looking at these contracts. To assist them, I have contacted 10 local communities and find no community with an employment contract for their fire department leaders. Are these three people so irreplaceable that we have to give them such golden parachutes?

Get the contracts, review them, and contact the trustees. This is an abuse of our tax dollars.

Harold Lewis – Beavercreek

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