Overall forclosures are up in Beavercreek over last year, but Xenia and Fairborn still lead Greene County in foreclosure sales with numbers more than double those of Beavercreek according to the Sheriff’s Sale of Real Estate list.

Nearly a year ago at this time, Beavercreek had 3 homes scheduled for foreclosure sale on May 10, 2007. Last month 6 Beavercreek homes were listed for foreclosure sale and 4 are listed for this month.

While the numbers are higher than last year, they are still far behind those of Xenia and Fairborn. Last month 22 Xenia homes and 12 Fairborn homes were listed for foreclosure sale. This month 19 Xenia and 11 Fairborn homes made the list.

While twice that of last year, by comparison Beavercreek’s foreclosure rate continues to be about a fourth of Xenia’s and half of Fairborn’s. Last year the foreclosure rate was relevant because of a debate on a city income tax in Beavercreek, also refered to as an earnings tax. Those arguing for the city income tax argues that it’s passage would make Beavercreek a more affordable place to live. Neighboring cities with city income taxes were used as examples.

The low number of foreclosures in Beavercreek and the high numbers in both Xenia and Fairborn, cities with income taxes, continues to support an opposite argument that Beavercreek is already an affordable place to live.