In 1982 a logo was created for the newly formed city of Beavercreek. It was designed to reflect the spirit of city with images inside a giant letter “B”. Over time the logo became scorned, outdated and was replaced in 1997 and 2001 with simpler, sleeker versions.

The original logo was never very popular and most people agreed that it wasn’t very functional either. Some complained that it was ugly and said that from a distance it was impossible to make out the fine details of the artwork. The complexity and intricate detail of that artwork also meant that it rarely reproduced well in print, causing headaches for printers at the time. The result in print often looked like a letter “B” in a circle with indistinguishable blobs spread about which only served to fuel the logo’s detractors.

There are few places left where you can see the original city logo today, especially in an outdoor setting. One of the few remaining places is on the ground sign between the Police Station and City Hall. There has been some discussion about renovating these building in the not so distant future. If those plans go forward, the logo may disappear from sight altogether, at least outdoors.


A large view of the original Beavercreek City logo used from 1982 through 2001.

Those who have seen the logo often find it difficult to describe the four scenes because of the reasons listed earlier in this article. The logo contained a large, rounded letter “B” in a circle with four scenes portraying different aspects of the city nestled in the four corners.

In the upper left was a graphic depicting residential houses with some larger buildings in the background. The upper right showed a school bus with children and college graduates in the foreground. In the lower left, near the center, was a scene showing a factory with factory workers. The lower right had an agricultural scene showing a farmer on a tractor with windmill in the background. Surrounding the logo in type that looked modern for the time was the slogan, “Beavercreek, Ohio — our home, our city, or future” along with the city’s incorporation year, 1980.


A New Take on Beavercreek’s Logo in 1997
In 1997 a new logo featuring a beaver with dangling tail and swooshes of a creek was created and used on stone signs greeting visitors and at the city golf course. Photo © Craig Barhorst

Changes in the city’s logo and the way it projected it’s image to the public started to happen in the late 1990’s when the city needed a logo for use on stone signs to greet visitors as they entered the city and on signs for the new city golf course. In 1997 Beavercreek’s City Council approved a new official logo featuring the familiar beaver with dangling tail and swooshes of a creek. Even though the new logo was being used for many public signs, in 1997 the old city seal with the “B” in a circle was sill being used in many places within the halls city government.


The Beavercreek City Logo Today
A view of the current Beavercreek City logo in use today. This version, which greets drivers on US Rt 35, was adapted from the official city logo on display in city council chambers. Photo © Craig Barhorst

In 2001, a new city seal was approved which dropped the big letter “B” in a circle altogether and focussed entirely on the beaver with dangling tail and creek. The new official city logo was an outgrowth of the designs of the late 1990’s, but now it was self-contained. The design featured the text “City of Beavercreek” on a solid brown background. The beaver with dangling tail was moved to the right and an abstract representation of a creek appeared at the bottom. The 2001 design currently rests on the wall behind the mayor during city council meetings and was recently adapted with some minor color changes for use on the US Rt 35 overpass to greet drivers on Rt 35.

Whether you were a fan of the old logo or one of those happy to see it go, it is a part of the history of Beavercreek and helps to remind us of years gone by. Beavercreek is not alone in changing it’s logo. In the past 30 years many nearby cities including Fairborn have also changed their look.

Story by Craig Barhorst. Original Beavercreek City logo captured from a photo taken of the sign in front of City Hall.