At the March 24 meeting of City Council, Beavercreek City Manager Mike Cornell announced that construction updates will become a more regular part of his City Manager’s Report.

Cornell said some of the most frequent questions his office receives are about the various construction projects taking place throughout the city. Those working in Engineering and Planning also receive similar questions. Cornell said that to better inform the public, he plans to make updates on these projects a somewhat regular feature of his report at the end of City Council meetings.

Cornell started off immediately at the March 24 meeting by giving updates on 7 big construction projects taking place in Beavercreek. The updates included the LA Fitness Center, Walgreen’s/Key Bank Building, Hilton Garden Inn, Von Mauer and Phase II of the The Greene and the Davis Medical Building.


City Manager’s Construction Update Highlights Projects
The old Rhodes Furniture building covered in plastic in February as workers add a new facade to turn it into an LA Fitness Center (top left). The site of the new Walgreen’s/Key Bank Building, in the early stages of construction with plumbing being added (top right). The Hilton Garden Inn under construction in February (lower left). Construction on the Von Mauer department store, also in February (lower right). Photos © Craig Barhorst

Work on converting the old Rhodes Furniture building to a new LA Fitness Center is progressing with an expected opening later this year. Demolition of the old Majestic Cleaners and Glawe Awning building has made way for construction to begin on the new Walgreen’s/Key Bank Building. The current Key Bank building will be given a new facade and an addition will be added to house a new Walgreen’s. Construction is still in it’s early phases on the project.

Construction of the new Hilton Garden Inn, located near the Pentagon Tower Building on Pentagon park Boulevard, is well under way with an opening planned for Summer of this year. The new Von Mauer department store and the rest of Phase II at The Greene is expected to open in September of 2008.


Early Construction on the Davis Medical Building on Darst
An early view of construction in January on the site of a new two-story medical building located on Darst Road just behind the Indian Ripple Road Speedway. Photo © Craig Barhorst

The construction taking place behind the Speedway along Indian Ripple Road on Darst Road is for a new medical building that will be a combination facility for Wright State and Greene Memorial Hospital. The project is tentatively referred to as the Davis Medical Building. The building will be a two-story, 21,258 square foot medical building. The first floor will have a patient treatment area and 28 exam and procedure rooms. The second floor will serve predominately as offices and support area for the medical personnel. The second floor will also contain a few specialized procedure rooms, namely the x-ray and mammogram areas and will contain student studios, as well as 2 large classrooms able to accommodate up to 24 students each.

Story by staff. Source: Beavercreek City Council Meeting March 24, 2008. Additional information from Beavercreek City Council Meeting, October 8, 2007.