Letter to the Editor: Mayor Julie Vann sending out a letter and taking action without Council’s approval sounds all too familiar to one reader who remembers a similar event that occurred 12 years ago.

Letter to the Editor:

Mayor Vann Overstepped Her Authority Again

In regards to Julie Vann sending a letter to the GMHA which made an appointment to the group’s board without a vote of City Council.

Julie Vann did something similar in overstepping her authority 12 years ago when she was first elected mayor. At that time she also sent a letter, with her signature, out to request a grant. The mayor cannot do this. When confronted by council, Ms Vann said she was only trying to help and she would never sign another letter. Council let it go with only a slap on the wrist because she was new to the city and council, but they told her if she ever did it again, they would take legal action.

Now, here it is, 12 years later and she has done it again. Only this time there are severe and lasting effects of her actions. Her apology was empty in that she should have known better this time.

She has now tainted all council members by overstepping her authority and the city will be stuck with the bill for any legal action taken.

My concern is that council won’t take action against the mayor because of the legal cost. How can they put a price on defending the charter? Our City Charter is to the city what the Constitution is to the American people. We can’t allow anyone to trample either of them.

Flo Thompson – Beavercreek

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