Letter to the Editor: Following the school bond issue’s failure, a reader expresses concern over what the Beavercreek School Board will do now given that they already spent $1.9 million on land called for in the bond issue.

Letter to the Editor:

Who Will Pay For School Board’s Land Purchase?

In the Feb. 22, 2008 article, “School Board Already Bought Land Asked For In Bond Issue” it is shown that the Beavercreek School Board has already spent 1.9 million dollars for land for a new middle school. This land was supposed to be purchased with the 1.5 million that is part of the bond on the ballot March 4, 2008.

Not only was the amount listed in the issue exceeded, but now the levy has failed. Who will be paying for this land? Land that the voters decided against? Now will come the annual threats of losing transportation and athletics. Blaming the failed levy for our children not having the services that we have already paid for. Instead, this money will have to pay for the land that we didn’t want. And didn’t approve.

What is it called when you spend money that isn’t yours? Where do we go from here?

Chris Collins – Beavercreek

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