Event photos from Hillary Clinton’s visit to Belpre Ohio February 27, 2008. Event photos are designed to show you a more complete picture of an event.

Want to see more of what it was like when Hillary Clinton spoke at Belpre High School on February 27, 2008. The Beavercreek Record’s event photos give you a more complete view of an event with photos of the central event plus it’s surroundings including what it was like before and after. With this event, a lot happened before Hillary even arrived. Please allow time for all the photos to load into your browser.

Event Photos of Hillary Clinton in Belpre

Belpre Welcomes Hillary Clinton
A hand-made banner welcomes Hillary Clinton to Belpre Ohio. A view of the crowd waiting for Hillary’s arrival. Photos © Craig Barhorst

Belpre High Schoolers Show Their Talent
Prior to Hillary’s arrival, the town had planned a show including patriotic songs on bells performed by high school students. Photos © Craig Barhorst

Belpre Mayor Acts as Master of Ceremonies
The Belpre Mayor, Mike Lorentz, acted as master of ceremonies for the pre show. A Belpre high school student talks about issues facing Ohio.Photos © Craig Barhorst

Local Guitarist Bobby Kirl Entertains
Local guitarist Bobby Kirl, from West Virginia, was brought in by the Belpre Chamber of Commerce to play and sing. The performance was up to the caliber of any of today’s top country performers. Photos © Craig Barhorst

Belpre High School Choir
The Belpre High School Choir sang songs with patriotic themes. Photos © Craig Barhorst

Miss West Virginia National Teenager 2008
Nearing the end of the pre show, Mayor Lorentz introduced Miss West Virginia National Teenager 2008, Brooke Myers, who addressed the crowd. Photos © Craig Barhorst

Governor Strickland Introduces Hillary to Belpre Voters
Ohio Governor Ted Strickland introduces Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to a crowd at the Belpre High School on February 27, 2008.Photo © Craig Barhorst

Hillary Takes the Stage
Hillary Clinton took the stage to cheers from the crowd. Clinton focused on her experience during the speech to supporters in Belpre, listed accomplishments and drew a contrast with those of her opponent.Photo © Craig Barhorst

Clinton Says She Has Plans to Deal With Problems
Hillary Clinton described some of her plans to deal with current problems including a mortgage freeze to deal with looming mortgage problems and bringing troops out of Iraq.Photo © Craig Barhorst

Clinton Signs Autographs, Shakes Hands of Supporters
Following the half hour speech, Hillary Clinton signed autographs, shook hands and posed for photos. Photo © Craig Barhorst