See special event photos from Barack Obama’s visit to the Nutter Center on February 25, 2008. Event photos are designed to show you more of an event.

See more of what it was like when Barack Obama spoke at the Nutter Center on February 25, 2008. The Beavercreek Record’s event photos are designed to give you a more complete view of an event with photos of the central event plus it’s surroundings including what it was like outside, waiting in line, before and after the event.

Event Photos of Barack Obama at the Nutter Center

Nutter Center Lots at Capacity for Obama
By 5:00 pm, an hour before the event, lots reached capacity at the Nutter Center. A view of Fairborn police directing traffic into the Nutter Center. A sign in front of the Nutter Center for the Obama event. Photos © Craig Barhorst

Line for Obama Event Stretched Around Nutter Center
The line to gain entry stretched from the front entrance around to the side entrance where the Berry Room is located. Another entry point was located on the other side of the Nutter Center. A supporter holds up a sign for Obama outside of the Nutter Center. Photos © Craig Barhorst

Obama Quotes and Music Preceed Obama’s Speech
Prior to Obama’s arrival, recordings of key quotes from Barack Obama are pumped through speakers while Obama’s logo displayed on screens throughout the Nutter Center. Jonele, a lifelong resident of Dayton, introduces Barack Obama. Photo © Craig Barhorst

Obama Takes the Stage to Cheers from Supporters
Obama takes the stage waving to supporters as they cheer his arrival. Photo © Craig Barhorst

Obama Delivers Message of Hope to Crowd
Obama delivers a speech centered on his campaign theme of “hope”. Photos © Craig Barhorst

Crowd of Over 11,000 Cheers Obama
The crowd, estimated at over 11,000 people, cheering Obama during his speech. Photo © Craig Barhorst

Obama on The Big Screen
Obama’s speech was displayed on the central big screen as well as all the TV screens located in the mezzanine. Another view of the event as seen from the far end of the Nutter Center.

Obama Wraps Up Speech With Personal Story About Hope
Near the end of his speech, Obama explained the reason for the campaign theme. He told the story about how his father left when he was 2 years old, leaving his mother and grandparents to raise him. Obama said, “They didn’t have fame or fortune… all they could give me was some love, an education and hope.” Photo © Craig Barhorst

Obama Meets Crowd Following Speech
A view of supporters crowding toward Obama for handshakes and autographs following the speech. A supporter holds up Obama’s book. Barack Obama circulating along the crowd line shaking hands, posing for pictures and signing autographs. Photo © Craig Barhorst