See photos of Barack Obama’s visit to the Nutter Center.

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Photos: Obama Brings Message of Hope to Nutter Center


Democratic Presidential Front-Runner Barack Obama Addresses Crowd at Nutter Center
Democratic Presidential front-runner Barack Obama addressed a crowd at the Nutter Center at Wright State University on February 25, 2008. Photo © Craig Barhorst


Nutter Center Near Capacity for Obama Event
The Nutter Center on Wright State’s campus was at near capacity for the Obama campaign stop. An estimated 11,000 people turned out to hear Obama speak. Photo © Craig Barhorst


Obama Delivers Message of Hope
Obama’s speech centered on his campaign theme of “hope”. Near the end of his speech, Obama explained the reason for the campaign theme. He told the story about how his father left when he was 2 years old, leaving his mother and grandparents to raise him. Obama said, “They didn’t have fame or fortune… all they could give me was some love, an education and hope.” Photo © Craig Barhorst


Ohio Supporters Cheer Obama
Ohio supporters hold up signs and cheer Obama during the speech. Obama’s campaign signs read, “Keeping America’s Promise” which Obama tied into his theme of hope during his speech.
Photo © Craig Barhorst


A Full House Crowds the Nutter Center to Hear Obama
The Nutter Center can hold 12,000 people. All the seats were filled, supporters were on the floor in front of the stage and in bleachers behind the stage. At 5:00 pm, an hour before the event, the Nutter Center’s parking lots reached full capacity. Those attending the event were directed to other Wright State parking lots and shuttled by bus back to the Nutter Center. Photo © Craig Barhorst


Obama Shakes Hands, Poses for Pictures, Signs Autographs
Following the speech candidate Barack Obama circulated along the crowd line shaking hands, posing for pictures and signing autographs.Photo © Craig Barhorst

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