Photo Feature Bonus: GOP front-runner Senator John McCain visited Young’s Jersey Dairy near Yellow Springs Wednesday afternoon. See special event photos detailing McCain’s visit.

The Beavercreek Record was the first online with photos of this event.

Event Photos from McCain’s Visit to Young’s Dairy

A Large Crowd Waits for Senator McCain Outside Young’s Dairy
Hundreds of people wait for Republican Presidential front-runner John McCain to arrive at Young’s Dairy in Yellow Springs, Ohio. The crowd filled the restaurant, huddled under the awning and stood in line in the bitter cold and falling snow. Photo © Craig Barhorst

The Arrival of the “Straight Talk Express”
Shortly after 12:30, McCain’s bus, the “Straight Talk Express”, pulled into the parking lot of Young’s to cheers from the crowd. Photo © Craig Barhorst

McCain Greets Well Wishers Outside Young’s Dairy
Upon arrival Senator McCain quickly made his way to the crowd and started shaking hands and saying hello. Photo © Craig Barhorst

McCain Shakes Hands As Snowflakes Fall
Senator McCain circulating through the crowd shaking hands. Photo © Craig Barhorst

Inside, McCain Addresses Crowd About Presidential Run and Veteran’s Health
Senator McCain addressed the crowd in the packed restaurant and talked about his presidential run, fiscal responsibility and his plans for improving veteran’s health care. McCain was joined by Steve Austria, former Ohio Senator Mike DeWine and John Husted among others. Photo © Craig Barhorst

McCain Waves Good-bye as the “Straight Talk Express” Heads to Dayton
Half an hour after arriving, McCain returned to the campaign trail with his next stop scheduled in Dayton. As his bus pulled out, he waved good-bye to well wishers from the window who responded in kind. Photo © Craig Barhorst

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Senator John McCain Visits Young’s Dairy in Yellow Springs.