Election Analysis: Luke McKellar may have finished 8th in the Beavercreek City Council race held November 6, but his campaign may have confirmed that at least 28% of residents are opposed to a city income tax in Beavercreek.

McKellar made opposition of a city income tax a focal point of his campaign. The 2,582 votes cast for McKellar represented an estimated 28% of all voters casting ballots in the City Council Election. Given that no other candidate opposed a city income tax, it can be concluded that these voters supported McKellar’s message and would most likely vote against the issue if it were ever placed on the general ballot.

McKellar says ” I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Ms. Vann, Mrs. Giambrone, Mrs. Howard, and Mr. Petrak on their victory. I certainly feel we ran a campaign focused solely upon what I believe in and what I feel is best for the city of Beavercreek. I have no regrets. I’ve met some wonderful people on the campaign trail and was inspired by their show of support and knowledge of the issues.”

McKellar at a campaign stop during the 2007 Election. Photo courtesy McKellar campaign.

McKellar Campaign Manager Keith Milligan said “I was disappointed at the results of the election, and I hope that the newly elected members of council do not disappoint their constituents. Luke certainly had a good grasp of the issues and he didn’t back down when he took his anti-earnings tax stance. Luke was also the only candidate not already an incumbent who regularly attends council meetings. I have every confidence Luke will take away from this a positive experience and will challenge the new council if he sees it necessary, and may even be a force in 2009.”

McKellar says he plans on attending as many council meetings as possible because he loves Beavercreek and thinks that more people who choose to run for office should attend council meetings to see how it all works. McKellar says he hasn’t made up his mind yet about running in 2009. “I’m going to reflect on this campaign and see what I could have done differently. I will decide at a later time my future plans regarding whether to run again.”

McKellar says he wants to thank everyone who was involved directly or indirectly with the campaign, especially the voters who put their faith in his ideas.

Total Votes 37050

1.   * JULIE VANN 5129 13.84%
2.   * VICKI S. GIAMBRONE 5035 13.59%
3.   * PHYLLIS HOWARD 4338 11.71%
4.   * JERRY PETRAK 3839 10.36%
5.   ZACH UPTON 3191 8.61%
6.   DAVID J. BAKER 3036 8.19%
7.   LINDA A. BORGERT 2959 7.99%
8.   LUKE MCKELLAR 2582 6.97%
9.   ERIC G. MARCUS 2461 6.64%
10. DEBBORAH L. WALLACE 2482 6.70%
11. JOHN BROUGHTON 1998 5.39%

* Designates the candidate or issue position that garned the most votes.

Source: Greene County Board of Elections. Results listed reflect total votes cast. Voters were able to choose 4 candidates. Calculation of 28% for McKellar mentioned in article obtained by taking total votes cast, 37,050, dividing by 4 resulting in 9,263. Percentage reflects 2,582 of 9,263.