The 2.8 million dollar super bridge…. just another way to waste $140,000 of Beavercreek’s money that we need to keep.

Can’t we just let Fairborn build it? Put it on their side. They have the income tax and single hauler trash system….(to generate and save so much additional money).

Go take a vote….put it on the ballot…see if the actual RESIDENTS of Beavercreek…not the CITY COUNCIL a majority to spend money on it.
I bet they wouldn’t.

Beavercreek is being turned into “Just like the other cities” against the will of MOST or all of the RESIDENTS.

We better do something to get the message to city council… or we might as well move out of Beavercreek.

Letter to the editor by Toby Underdown   L-BR20071117-01