Election Analysis: Candidate Linda Borgert’s message seemed to resonate with voters this election day. While she didn’t win a seat on council, she did gain more votes than a sitting council member and nearly tie another.

Linda Borgert

Borgert received 2959 votes or 7.99%. Borgert handily beat sitting council member John Broughton by 961 votes and nearly tied sitting council member David Baker who recieved 3036 votes or 8.19%.

Borgert’s message of returning Beavercreek to the citizen’s definately hit a nerve. While the lion’s share of the vote may have gone to others, Borgert did end up coming in a respectable seventh in a field of 11 candidates and only fell 880 votes short of securing a seat on city council.

Borgert says, “”I was very pleased with the amount of votes that I got. I want to thank everyone who voted for me, those who contributed to my campaign, and especially my family and friends who supported me in this. At this time, I have not decided whether or not to run again in 2009. I am exploring my options, including running for a County office in 2008.”

Total Votes 37050

1.   * JULIE VANN 5129 13.84%
2.   * VICKI S. GIAMBRONE 5035 13.59%
3.   * PHYLLIS HOWARD 4338 11.71%
4.   * JERRY PETRAK 3839 10.36%
5.   ZACH UPTON 3191 8.61%
6.   DAVID J. BAKER 3036 8.19%
7.   LINDA A. BORGERT 2959 7.99%
8.   LUKE MCKELLAR 2582 6.97%
9.   ERIC G. MARCUS 2461 6.64%
10. DEBBORAH L. WALLACE 2482 6.70%
11. JOHN BROUGHTON 1998 5.39%

* Designates the candidate or issue position that garned the most votes.

Source: Greene County Board of Elections. Results listed as unnofficial and could change. In 2005 results did change after the unofficial results were released.