Election Analysis: Beavercreek’s School Bond Issue lost by 3.36%. Early analysis of the vote shows precincts in neighboring cities Kettering and Riverside contributed in large part to the loss.

Some portions of the neighboring cities of Riverside and Kettering in Montgomery county fall with the Beavercreek School District. Precinct results for Montgomery county have been released and in those precincts, the Beavercreek Schools bond issue lost by a greater margin with 64.34% voting against and 35.66% voting in favor. In one precinct in Riverside 73% of the voters voted against the issue.

School officials may consider examining the Montgomery County factor in greater detail when making plans to return the issue to the ballot in future elections given how close the final results were.

While the numbers may seem small, with such a close vote, they do take on a greater degree of importance. A total of 387 votes were cast on the school bond issue in Kettering and Riverside precincts. These votes accounted for 2.8% of the total 13,617 votes cast on the issue. Of that, the 249 votes against accounted for 1.8% of measure’s loss.

The results also may carry some importance for opponents to a city income tax in Beavercreek. Both cities are often used as examples when arguing for a city income tax in Beavercreek. Each is said to have lower property taxes and each currently has a city income tax, yet residents of these cities rejected the school bond issue in greater numbers than overall election results.

The Beavercreek Schools bond issue, Issue 16, would have added 3.6 mills. or $111.78 for every $100,000 of assessed value, to resident’s property tax bills for 28 years. Over 28 years it would generate $89 million. The measure is called a bond issue because the school district would use it’s successful passage to secure bonds for the money now, hence the slogan “The Future is Now”. It would have acted essentially like a loan with the issue’s passage acting like collateral.

Issue 16 Bond Issue Additional 3.65 mills
Total Votes 13,617

FOR BOND ISSUE 6580 48.32%
* AGAINST BOND ISSUE 7037 51.68%

* Designates the candidate or issue position that garnered the most votes.

Source: Greene County Board of Elections and Montgomery County Board of Elections.