What We Are

The Beavercreek Record is an online news magazine made up of stories about Beavercreek and the surrounding community. Our stories carry the unique perspective of the people who live here. Anyone can be a contributor to our pages by sending their news item, press release or story using our online submissions form. The Beavercreek Record represents one of the purest forms of citizen journalism. We may not print every story we receive, but we make every attempt to do so.

Stories and articles we publish are intended to provide readers with a greater understanding of the community we live in and the issues affecting our community.

Stories We Cover

Our reporting tends to focus on the dominant aspects of our community. In Beavercreek’s case that is growth, progress, the attention to preserving nature and the high quality of life. You will also find stories on issues that arise at City Council meetings and other places. Some typical stories you might see include stories on new building developments, profiles of local parks, new businesses and coverage of recreational activities. At the same we will also cover general news as it relates to Beavercreek. This may include general news and issues brough up at City Council meetings, news from the school district, Greene County, city services and so on.

Publishing Dates

The Beavercreek Record is an online news source that is updated frequently throughout the month. You may see new stories on a daily basis depending upon a particular news cycle.

Your Submissions Welcome

The Beavercreek Record is currently a small operation. Residents and business leaders are invited and encouraged to submit stories, story ideas, press releases and letters to the editor online at the Beavercreek Record’s website on a volunteer, non-paid basis. At the bottom of each page is a link titled SUBMISSIONS. When visiting that page you will see an online form you can fill out with a letter to the editor, story idea, press release, comment on our news covereage or report an inacuracy you found in a story. More details for submissions are included on the page.

Story Sources

We endeavor to get our stories only from original sources, not from the other news media in town. Our stories come from firsthand reporting, available press releases, newsletters and similar sources . You’ll find that many of our story story sources are from items in the “public record”. At the bottom of each article we list the source(s) of the story and contributor when appropriate.


The Beavercreek Record started reporting on events in Beavercreek in August, 2006 as an online monthly publication. In November the decision was made to transition from a static monthly publication to an active daily online publication. We use blog software to publish which now gives our readers the ability to search our archives as well as sort stories based on category or publishing month. Our format gives readers timely news on developing stories and issues.

The Beavercreek Record looks forward to providing Beavercreek with a new, unique and interesting news source for years to come. Visit our site daily for the news, photos and weather relating to Beavercreek, Ohio.